Good Day! You visited my website because you are interested in Making Money Online. But before I explain everything let me share you my story. I’m Ryan and I’m earning Money Online doing the things that I love and my mission now is to share my knowledge and educate people on how to Earn Money Online as well.

It was Year 2000 that I have learned how to use Computer. Doing what most of the little kid do now and that is to play games. 2004, that I learned how to use Internet still a kid playing games but it was an upgrade because It was Online Games. I got addicted to it, lose a lot of money and unfortunately it is one of the reason that I’m undergraduate, and of course I’m not proud of that. I was once a service crew on one of the biggest fast food chain here in the Philippines and I hate the work and yet earn just a small amount of money but I love the experience and that’s why I came up of a principle that working for companies will not going to give me success.

But I failed on that principle I need to get a job for me to earn so I tried applying for a job but I was surprised that I have failed for just one simple reason I can’t past the Ishihara Test. Yes! I’m a Color blind maybe it’s because of my daily routine of using computer. No choice but to find an alternative source of income. It was 2006, that I got introduce into Blogging. Many people got a success in it so I gave it a shot. But my journey to it was not easy, SEO, Web Design and all the stuffs to get people visit your blog was so hard to learn. In a span of two years I go to an Internet Shop trying my luck on how to learn the process of making money with blogging, I had to pay for 2-3 hours computer rent just to read blogs and watch videos about Blogging, I got tired of it but I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and in the process I only earned $300.

2008 was a horrible year in Business because of Global Economic Crisis, the company that my mother worked for 20 years needs to Shut down. That same year my mother asked me what business is the best to build up, so I told her to go for a Computer Shop Business. It was good and a bad move, Good because we generate income for our daily needs, Bad because I got addicted again to Online Games. I played Dota, Ran Online and every Online game that you can Imagine. For three years I was that same kid again using a computer to gain nothing.

I always love to draw and do Art projects in School, it’s a talent that turns into hobby and then to an Online Source of Income. It was 2011 when I was introduced into graphic design by my former bandmate. I tried it and do self study on how to do it. I followed every artist and designer who can influence me to do better. I promoted my work on facebook to get clients, mostly my clients are bands from US, UK, Australia and Canada. It was a good source of Income since the client pay me in dollars for a 5-8 hours of doing what I love. From 2011 til now I assumed that I earned $7000 with Graphic Design. Good but not enough to save money.

2013 came in and I tried my luck with Online Network Marketing. With just $55 for an investment in return of 2100 Ebooks I started my Online Business using Facebook to promote it and use all the skills and knowledge that I got from Blogging and Graphic Design. Everything happens for a reason as what most people says and I believe that it is true. It is my first time doing Online Network Marketing and I benefited from my past experience on my journey on how to Earn Money online but this time I’m looking for a passive income. Sure Graphic Design gives me enough income but I still consider it as Linear Income wherein you need to do something to earn money.

Of all the three that I’ve tried and tested on how to earn money online, Online Network Marketing is my most recommended because it’s easy to understand and you can do it whenever you want and the most exciting part is it gives us the opportunity to earn a Passive Income! Passive Income is the income of the rich. It is a source of income that keeps coming in on a regular basis. The beauty of Online Network Marketing is that it gives ordinary people the chance to earn Passive Income regardless of your Age, Appearance or Educational Attainment. All you need to do is to get involved with it, study the system and surround yourself with the right people. Online Network Marketing is a business, Business of educating people to earn extra income!

I’m now averaging $500-$700 on a monthly basis just by doing Online Network Marketing not bad if I’m just doing it at home. I believe that you have a slight knowledge on how to earn money online so I’m offering my self as your guide on how to do it. I’ll share you my knowledge on how to achieve passive income regardless if you’re busy or you have a job you can still do it! I educate people to work smart and motivate to dream big! This is not a get-rich-quick program but rather a journey to success!

If you’re interested on making money online as what I’m doing right now the first step is to talk to the right person who walks the talk. What I’m offering right now is not for the doubters or negative-minded. I’m looking for people who wants to be part of my team who educates other people to earn money online, if you think you’re that kind of person lets talk! I’ll be your personal guide on how to do Online Network Marketing with tips and strategies coming from my own personal experience.

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